Wiksten Tank Photo Dump

wiksten tank pocket

Here’s a dump of photos of the Wiksten Tanks I’ve made.

#1. This is the first one I made. I sewed it without prewashing the fabric first. BIG MISTAKE! It became like a vegetable. Plus the neckline is too low 😦 I’ve still worn it a couple of times. Mostly to sleep.

wiksten tank at the beach
Wearing my hideous first Wiksten Tank on the beach in Koh Phangan, summer 2014

#2. This is the one I made at The Workroom during the Wiksten Tank class. Made me want to ditch our Singer machine for a Bernina! Not happening any time soon though! The fabric is some quilting cotton covered in poppies, which I realize might be sort of inauspicious. I like it anyway.

wiksten tank beach
Posing after eating really spicy Panang curry in Koh Phangan.

#3. This is the one I made out of some adorable fabric covered in seals!

wiksten tank pocket
A Wiksten tank made out of seals. Can you spot the pocket?
#4. And this again is the dress with the upside-down fish, taken somewhere within Forbidden City during our trip to Beijing.


wiksten tank dress elastic waist
Wiksten tank dress with an elastic waistband.
I’ve since learned this magical trick for cutting a continuous piece of bias tape, as well as this handy way of making bias tape without a bias tape maker (although I bought one yesterday!).

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