sunrise sunset mittens

Free pattern download for sunrise-sunset-mittens.pdf!

UGH! All I want to do is knit. Here’s the second-last thing to come off my needles…

sunrise sunset mittens

I have named them the SUNRISE SUNSET mittens. Here’s what they would look like if I were wearing them whilst carrying a pile of invisible firewood.

sunrise sunset mittens

And here’s what they would look like if I were warming my hands over an invisible fire in the woods.

sunrise sunset mittens

I thought I would share the pattern, mostly because Amy asked for a link to it, but also because it’s the first pattern I’ve written up and I’m curious to see if A) anybody will use it and B) it’s readable.

Screenshot of the pattern!

sunrise sunset mittens pattern screenshot

DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN HERE!!!! sunrise-sunset-mittens.pdf


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