let’s get together

My twin sister Jessica is currently in Toronto visiting from Hong Kong. I hadn’t seen her in 1.25 years. Before she arrived, we talked about all kinds of fun things we wanted to do, like:

  • knit
  • crochet more Underwear Tigers
  • make delicious food
  • eat delicious food
  • see all kinds of old friends
  • make stickers
  • have creative jams
  • watch a bunch of Korean horror movies
  • eat a lot of Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper Kettle Brand chips
  • come up with stories for Underwear Tiger
  • dress up Underwear Tiger for Halloween
  • make LOTS of music… enough music to kill the neighbours. And Evan.

Did we do any of it?? ? ? ??? ?

. . .

Anyway, we really were anticipating making all kinds of music together, but we only just got around to making some noise. So here is a cover of that song “Let’s Get Together” from the original Parent Trap movie. IMHO, Jessica has become a phenomenal ukulele player in our time apart. But I wouldn’t know uke from a cuke, so what do I know?

Oh, and the last time we performed this was 15 years ago at our good friend Jess Chin’s house when we were 11. I think we even had a “dance.”

I hope she doesn’t kill me for posting this here!

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