the underwear tiger: issue no. 3

buddy search 2012, page 1


buddy search 2012, page 2


buddy search 2012, page 3


buddy search 2012, page 4


buddy search 2012, page 5
Very important note to self:
Do not use watercolours on un-special paper ever again. Invest in proper materials!!!!!

And a very special thank-you to Evan for scanning these pictures for me. Twice! That was very nice of him, and I am horrible for complaining about the barely-noticeable cropped edges ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So here is my public apology. Which you probably won’t read.

Anyway! …


buddy search 2012, preview

14 responses to “the underwear tiger: issue no. 3”

  1. i too thought i had no friends (in my flat)
    but last week i unexpectedly gained a roachy friend (RF). i was awoken by his gentle footsteps upon my bed sheet.
    i hope UT and BC’s friendship lasts longer than mine and RF’s. sadly RF was thrown out my window in about 3 minutes
    don’t feel too bad for me. i will just open the blinds and get reflexion back


    • dear robyn,

      i find it extremely difficult to believe that you would throw out your luxury cockroach without a moment’s hesitation. hopefully he will crawl back into your life so you can feed him his favourite foods as any true friend would. this is my next eyelash wish. thank you.

      the underwear tiger


  2. hi justina! this is so amazing! my favourite is the cat that you can blow bubbles through. and even the bubble was sad when they were banished by the underwear tiger. what is the smooze doing in the last frame? i used to have nightmares about it.


    • “jennjenn”:

      even though you have broken my heart by choosing bubble cat over me (as your favourite), i will still ask budget cockroach why he sees the smooze in the clouds. it is a terrible thing to leave another’s curiosity hanging.

      underwear tiger


  3. what exactly are optometry powers? underwear tiger, do you think it’s important to pick your friends strategically, based on who would be the best allies in the event of some kind of disaster?


    • this is a great question, veept, and seems to reflect your own friend-selection methods. as for me, i chose budget cockroach for his good looks (spots and stripes make me very giddy). moreover, after i coughed up him, the tickle in my throat miraculously disappeared, so i am thankful to budgie for that.

      my next friendship decision will be much more practical. i will be sure to keep the apocalypse in mind during my deliberations.



    • “what exactly are optometry powers?”? can’t you SEE?!

      optometrists have optometry powers. they can prescribe eyeglasses to you and administer eye drops to dilate your pupils into saucer thingies.


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