sorry sorry to the winner of the first ever caption contest

Dear readers, I am sorry for leaving you in suspense for so long. Here is an apology I wrote twenty years ago,  whose sorrys still ring true today:

i added water
I really am very sorry.

I am sorry for taking so long to announce the winners of my first ever caption contest. Thank you to everybody who submitted captions. I liked them all! But these were my favourites, the ones that made me laughed the most (in no order at all):

i added water
I hear it tickles more than anything – “will”
i added water
this is not the bathing suit i pictured myself dying in – Lyndall
i added water
In typical noob fashion, Brent had filled the pool not with “water” but “cthulu” – Evan
i added water
“An Introduction to the Works of Sigmund Freud” – S.D.
i added water
Plank (>) Plonck (V ) Planktom (*) – Lawrence (my Dad)

Actually, the last caption didn’t make me laugh because I didn’t really get it at first.

Anyway, how will you enjoy the end of August?

Me, I will enjoy it with fantastic Neo Citran dreams. Bye!!!!

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