things i’ve knit

The other day I felt a very strange longing. And when I saw a cool dude wearing a toque to match his tight skinny pants and cool bicycle in this blazing hot 40 degree weather, I remembered that I haven’t knit anything since March (!!!!). So here is a post dedicated to some things I knit over the last year or so, under the desk at the back of the classroom when the teacher wasn’t looking.

a blue headband

a pair of green wristwarmers

a red blanket

I’M SORRY, BUT I REALLY HAVE TO INTERRUPT THIS POST FOR A SEC TO GET SOMETHING OFF MY CHEST. I know on Facebook I said, “if you comment on my blog i will give you something cool.” We all know that this was really just a cheap marketing ploy to get you clicking. But guess what??? It worked! I got 100 hits over three days!!!! And out of the 100 visits, 8 fantastic people left comments (Allie, Safia, Jessica, Kenny, Evan, Chiara, Ryan, Justin). That’s 8 percent. Now I can’t remember anything from that statistics course I faked my way through in second year, but I’m pretty sure 8 percent out of 100 is pretty ghastly.

(Don’t worry!!! This post is still about things I’ve knit!!!)

a grey hat

a stripy pink and turquoise hat

OH!! Here’s a thought. My suspicion is that I am Facebook friends with too many people that I’m not truly friends with. i.e. we don’t hang out in real life. So maybe you guys don’t feel like it is OK to comment on my ~intimate~ blog even though it was OK for you to click on my ~intimate~ link and show up in my Google Analytics.  Who are you, o visitors from Willowdale, Kimhae, Malaga, Singapore, Oxford, Cambridge, El Paso, Kassel, and Brisbane (oh wait, I do know the answer to the last one, o sender of that strange anonymous email)?

Let me please assure the other 92% of you that I will not think you weird/socially wrong/awkward/creepy if you leave a comment on here, even though I don’t really know you and you don’t really know me despite the fact that I have shown up in your Facebook feed. In fact, if you leave a comment, I will think you are really cool.

As for the Holy Eight (Allie, Safia, Jessica, Kenny, Evan, Chiara, Ryan, Justin), I am actually going to think up something cool to give you in thanks for your Internet-courage!!! So brace yourselves!!!

OK, now, onto the rest of my post (for real):

a bloated yellow bear

an emaciated pale pink bear

a crying fuschia bear

I was going to try to knit socks, but after making a baby trial sock (which wasn’t too terrible), I remembered that I hate wearing socks so I shouldn’t assume that anybody else likes to wear them, either.

DEAR READERS: What was the last thing you made?

10 responses to “things i’ve knit”

  1. Last thing I made was a capacitive button so my friend could toggle the keyboard backlight on his lappy by touching a part of the chassis.


  2. holy cow, justina, you’ve made a ton of things. the bears are my favourite. the last thing i made was a little cat, cut out of a terrycloth towel. i meant to follow up by making a few birds but i never got around to it. in the meantime i’ve been doing origami birds and flowers instead!

    by the way, this is the first time i’ve visited your (new???) blog because i saw it on your gchat status, so consider me visitor #101!

    ps. love your name’s anagram. gently inspirational?


  3. Didn’t quite make it, but I did re-finish a lamp the other day that my dad brought over in the 70s when he came from China. Rewired the plug, the switch, bought new screwy inny things for the lightbulbs, repainted it a Greek stone color but that’s the experts at the spray paint company talking and not me.

    Felt great. Make it.


  4. The crying bear is my favourite. That and the props (x2) I got for commenting (who doesn’t love internet recognition? Aside from people trying to be anonymous…).


  5. Dear Justina,

    This is the second time I’ve read your blog. It’s nice. The last thing I made was saltimbocca, which is a type of Italian food. I am in Italy right now, so I am making a lot of Italian food. You should knit socks, because they are fun. I have knit socks before. If you have any hipster friends who wear birkenstocks, I’m sure they love to show off a pair of hand knit socks in the winter. Also, I’m the one from Willowdale!


  6. I would say make me a crying bear, please, but it is too sad. Such sorrow on the shoulders of a small cub. sniff

    p.s. please make me a BEAR! I am a big fan of bears, both real and huggable.

    the last thing I made was a bagel and cream cheese.


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